Escapardenne Eislek Trail

Escapardenne Eislek Trail

Escape to the Ardennes !

Set out on a bold course to get away from the daily routine, escape from it all and dream about wide open spaces to be discovered on foot. On both sides of the Belgo-Luxembourg border, in the midst of the Oesling, you will discover 106 km of trails leading you from small discrete discoveries – an ancient cross, dry stone walls, streams… - to vast views!

Gossamer mists, peaceful dairy pastures, the fleeting appearance of a deer, a freshly mown meadow filling the air with a pleasant fragrance – a wealth of impressions and images will ensure that the memories of your „escapade in the Ardennes“ will stay with you! The Eislek Trail received the label “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe“ that was developed by the European Ramblers Association (ERA).

The Escapardenne Eislek Trail can be discovered in several stages :

Kautenbach – Clervaux : 25,5 km

The route starts at Kautenbach, a must-visit site of hiking paths, leading to the other part of the Oesling. The trail then heads towards the „Kiischpelt“ area, with its steep-sided valleys, taking the hiker towards the charming village of Munshausen and then further along the Woltz valley towards Clervaux. 

Clervaux – Asselborn : 18,8 km

The path follows the river then goes up the hill towards Troisvierges, bypassing the small town and continuing westwards, along the charming "Tretterbaach"-valley, finally ending at the Asselborn mill.

Asselborn – Houffalize (B) : 20,6 km

Next the trail leads from Hoffelt to Buret, passing from the Rhine river basin to the river Meuse, crossing regions that all have a fascinating history, recounting William of Orange's dream. At the outskirts of Tavigny it follows the historical site of the Bernistap canal project, to continue as far as Houffalize.

Houffalize (B) – Nadrin (B) : 23,4 km

Deep valleys, wild and mysterious rivers, a small ridge path between two valleys, forests as far as the eye can see all the way to the magnificent steep slopes near the confluence: The trail allows you to enjoy the natural silence, with the wind rustling the leaves and the sound of water. 

Nadrin (B) – La Roche-en-Ardenne (B) : 18 km

The final stage takes us along the forest paths in search of history, at the Cheslé Celtic site. A climb onto a plateau, a few splendid views, including the one of Crestelles… Just a few more metres to Borzée, along the side of the hill and past the Deister ledge that allows us to discover stunning views of La Roche-en-Ardenne.

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Escapardenne Eislek Trail

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